Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Native American Houses and Lodges

Native American Houses and Lodges

Ojibwa Indian house made of matts and bark  Details about Native American Houses Constructed of Bark or Mats Here

Ojibwa Indians matt house or lodge.  Ojibwa Indian Houses Detailed Here

Ojibwa Indians Matt house sometimes called  a wigwam

Kansa Sioux Indian bark lodge or house

Ioway Indian Matt Lodge or House

Iroquois Indian House and Village Described Here

Descriptions of the Powhatan Indian Houses and Village

Creek Indian Houses Described Here

Arapaho Indians Inside their Lodge or House

Omaha Indians Earth Lodge

Mandan Sioux Earthen Lodge Mandan Indian Villiage Described Here

Indian houses of the Northwest.  Historical descriptions of the Indian houses of the Northwest here

Shoshoni Indian Tipi made of skins  Native American Skin Lodges and Tents Are Detailed Here