Monday, March 24, 2014

Historic Comanche Indian Women with Babies Photo Gallery

Comanche Indian Babies Historic Photographic Gallery

Comanche Indian women with small babies taken around 1925

A Comanche Indian woman with her small child taken in the mid 1920s

A Comanche Indian woman carrying a small child. Photo taken in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1926

A Comanche Indian woman with a small child, taken in 1875

After a Comanche Indian village was raided in Texas by U.S. soldiers in 1860, this young boy was captured and was the only survivor.

Imprisoned Comanche women with children taken in 1870.  Photo believed to have been taken in Florida.

Two Comanche Indian girls taken outside of their tipi in Texas around 1900

Comanche Indian woman with papoose taken in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1900