Friday, March 28, 2014

Montana Flathead Indians Clothing, Dress and Beadwork

Montana Flathead Indians Clothing, Dress and Beadwork

    The Flathead Indian was known as the "Pretty People" because of their buckskin clothing that was beautifully beaded. They displayed some of the finest craftsmanship in dress and headdress.

Flathead Indian couple on horseback with child. Photo believed to have been taken in Montana but no date.

Two Flathead Indian women showing their beautiful beadwork and dress.

Montana Flathead Indian family showing their buckskin dress with beadwork.

Two Flathead Indian girls on horses that are adorned with beadwork.

Flathead Indian called Flathead taken in 1905 with full regalia of feathers and beadwork

Two Flathead Indian males taken in Montana about 1905. The male of the left has a headdress made of porcupine hair.

A group of Flathead Indian women taken on the reservation in the late 1920s. Each showing their exquisite talent of embroidery and beadwork.